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Information concerning the site. The information and services offered on the website PHYBIOSPHERE HEALTH do not constitute a medical consultation either directly or indirectly. All reviews given on this website are intended to improve but not replace the direct relationship between a patient and a health care professional. The information and services provided on this website do not replace in any way a medical consultation or diagnosis formulated by your doctor and cannot be interpreted as promotion of medicines. You must not use the information published in our journal to formulate a diagnosis or to determine a treatment, to start or/and stop administration of medicines without prior consultation with a physician or a specialist. The PHYBIOSPHERE HEALTH journal and its editor cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained in this journal, and you assume that the use of the information and services provided on this website is under your full and sole responsibility, control and direction. The website edited by Phybiostar Production Address: 24 rue Maryse Bastié, 31100 Toulouse (France)  . Mail address: Phybiostar Agency. Photos: or, unless indicated otherwise.